-- Brand New from Cathy Olson --
Finally! You can add on a new service that add thousands of dollars to every proposal,
in the next 30 days…
(And you can do it without trading hours for dollars)
From the Desk of Cathy Olson
San Diego, California

Dear Creative One, 

If you'd like to turn your design business into a 6 or even 7-figure business this year…

If you'd like to bring in more revenue without more one-on-one clients…

And if you'd like to create a service that takes less time and frees you up to enjoy life and spend more time doing what you love…
Then I'm going to GIFT you my brand new course, the Conversion Makeover Method™ (value $1,997) absolutely free, so that you can do exactly that.
Inside this program, I show you the same formula I've used to sell Conversion Makeovers that have generated thousands of dollars every time I offer them. 

Even better... 

I show you how to combine classic marketing techniques with visual principles that multi-million dollar businesses use everyday.

And along with that…

I reveal my reverse selling formula so that you can launch this service to a waitlist full of clients ready to buy.

That way you can have everything launched in the next few weeks instead of months or years from now.

I'll tell you more about how this is possible in a moment, including everything you're getting in the program... 

But, before I do…

And before I explain why I'm giving you my new program as a free gift... 

There are two important things you've got to know…

I'm only giving away 25 spots inside the Conversion Makeover Method™.
The reason?

I'm going to throw in some coaching with this offer (more on that in a minute) which limits the amount of people a lot.

I’m only one woman, after all :)

So if you’re interested in turning your coaching or consulting into a 6-figure per year course you’ll have for life…

Then read all the way through this letter right now otherwise next time you hear from me…

The program free gift spots could be gone!

With that being said…

The second thing you’ve got to know is…

Now is the right time to launch this new service.

Why? I’m glad you asked.
Here’s why 2019 is the best time to launch your signature Conversion Makeover Service!
Here’s the truth…

Finding clients and standing out is only going to get more and more difficult, because every single day more and more people are becoming Solopreneurs, quitting their day jobs, and offering their services online.

Exciting… but kind of scary, right?

You need a way to quickly set yourself apart from the competition. It’s why NOW is the time to get your business set up for growth before the market is too saturated.

Which is exactly why you’ll love the Conversion Makeover Method™…

Using my unique strategies inside the program, I'll show you how to take advantage of this opportunity big time.
Here’s how the Conversion Makeover Method™ is going to help you create this new service….
...That differentiates you from all other creatives.
And there are 3 distinct strategies we take to help you do that. 
Step 1: Master the 9 Secret Core Conversion Principles
There are 9 secret Core Conversion Principles that all Master Marketers use to increase sales exponentially.
Whether you're selling physical products, digital products, high-ticket services, successful marketers have been using these secret strategies for decades.
These are the exact same principles that multi-billion dollar companies are using right now. And now you can harness the power of them for both your business and your clients.

There will be tons of clients lining up to have you unlock these for them… and for a premium fee!

And this is where your new Conversion Makeover service comes in. :)

It’s easy for you to sell, it’s easy for you to fulfill, and it’s also easy to charge a premium price for it!

Because more and more people are creating businesses every day…
There’s an audience looking to pay you (and pay you well) for a service that’s built around designing for conversion.
This strategy has allowed me to book high-end clients that respect and pay for my conversion strategy on top of my design skills.

And this is why one of the first steps we show you inside the Conversion Makeover Method™.

This is the piece that sets you up for success so you can have the same.


Now that you’ve learned the principles to master sales, next comes my second unique (and somewhat controversial) strategy…

Step 2: Sell Your Service Automatically
“Whaaat?! Sell it automatically? That’s sounds crazy Cathy! I haven’t even done it yet!”

I know it sounds crazy. 

But it works.

I’ll show you the exact strategies I use to sell this service without even creating a sales page, without advertising it, without being slimy, sleazy or spending $1 on advertising.

Now, I don’t have time to go through them all right now (you’ll get access to them the moment you jump in)...

But what I will say is they’re the fastest, easiest and CHEAPEST way to add thousands of dollars to every proposal…

...Without adding hours and hours worth of work on.

Most designers have to add more and more clients in order to generate more revenue. Because that’s what most ‘gurus’ are out there teaching them.

That you have to be louder, put out more content in more places, gain more followers, get more clients in order to grow your business.

But I teach you how to do the opposite…
Take on LESS clients and make MORE money than before.
Because MORE clients is just a quick path to total BURNOUT.

(Trust me, I’ve been there!)

Which is exactly why I learned to flip the process around. Help less clients with more. Become more valuable to each one.

Follow this simple trick and exponentially grow your proposals to more and more each time, in a few weeks instead of a few months or years like most!

Finally, we go into...

Step 3: Utilize your Secret Weapon to Never Struggle Again
So that you can stop working so hard to attract new clients.

Most creative businesses are not future-proofed…

There is no guarantee of income to come, especially with the rapid changes in the tech world, in markets, and a rush of new designers popping up every day.

One thing will never change. Clients want to grow their businesses and increase sales. 
Conversion Makeovers never go out of style.... Yet no one is offering them!
Once you have your Conversion Makeovers running you’ll attract new clients, book them quickly, and generate more revenue from each client.

To truly make MORE money with LESS clients...

Allowing you to dive in DEEPER with each client, have more free time, more creative space, to allow you to create a better experience, a better final result.

In turn, your work becomes viral and you’ll be known for a higher-level product with incredible results.

I show you how to only attract those prospects that are looking for what you have, ones that know they can only get it from you.

With that being said, let’s now talk about EVERYTHING you get in this program.

Here’s Everything You’re Getting Inside The Conversion Makeover Method™ (Free for Next 25)…
The Conversion Makeover Method™ is an online, step-by-step training program with six incredible modules…

That walks you through everything I’ve discovered from cracking the code of marketing secrets and high-end design.

From the secret conversion strategies…

To the break-through visual design techniques…

To booking up your calendar…

To providing the service quickly and easily.

It’s all in there.

Every secret. Every tactic. Every strategy.
I’ve outlined the entire process so that you can take it and apply it in your business fast.
I’ve recorded over 20 videos…

Created over 20 cheat sheets, scripts and templates…

Copied my actual offers, onboarding sequences, sale scripts and more…

So that you can start selling this on top of your services, or as a stand-alone service immediately.

So let’s have a closer look now at what you’re going to get inside…

Module 1: The 9 Core Conversion Principles
In this module, you’ll learn: 
  •  The 9 Core Conversion Principles that turn a total stranger into a buyer, quickly and easily.
  •  The Secret Sales formulas that have been used for decades to sell just about anything to anyone. 
  •  How to Harness this Secret Weapon for yourself and your clients.
Module 2: Persuasion Pages
In this module, you’ll learn:
  •  The Secret Conversion Strategies to increase sales on Sales Pages and Websites.  
  •  Examine the Top-selling Examples on how each Core Conversion Principle is used.
  •  The Expert Visual Techniques to support each strategy.
Module 3: Social Posts
In this module, you’ll learn: 
  •  The Secret Conversion Strategies to increase sales on Social Posts Captions, Stories and Posts, to create engaging content that increases conversions to traffic. 
  •  Examine the Top-selling Examples on how each Core Conversion Principle is used.
  •  The Expert Visual Techniques to support each strategy.
Module 4: Visual Content
In this module, you’ll learn:
  •  The Secret Conversion Strategies to increase sales on Video Content, both Recorded and Live. 
  •  Examine the Top-selling Examples on how each Core Conversion Principle is used.
  •  The Expert Visual Techniques to support each strategy.
Module 5: Your Conversion Makeover Service
In this module, you’ll learn: 
  •  How to Craft and Build out your Conversion Makeover service. 
  •  What to Include, What to Charge for it, and how to fulfill the service quickly and easily.
  •  The Key Pieces to include to increase value and client happiness.
Module 6: Filling Your Calendar
In this module, you’ll learn:  
  •  How to Fill up Your Calendar with this service. 
  •  Whether it’s New Clients, or Existing Clients, or a stand-alone service, or an add-on service.
  •  How to Attract New Clients that will book you just because you’re offering this valuable service.
Exciting, right?

As I said, I’ve given you everything you need to create, launch and profit from your Conversion Makeover service right from the start.
Here’s That “Catch” I Know You’ve Been Looking For
Now you’re probably wondering…

“This is all sounds awesome Cathy, and I’m totally interested! But there’s one question I have left…
Why are you giving me this $1,997 course for free?!”
It’s a great question. And the truth is… There is a small catch.

You see...

If you’re one of the next 25, I really am giving you The Conversion Makeover Method as a totally free gift (to keep forever) when you jump today…

And why am I doing this? It’s simple...
I'm doing this as a shame-free, no-brainer Bribe to join me inside the inspired Inner Circle.
What’s The Inspired Inner Circle? Well allow me to explain.

The Inspired Inner Circle is an exclusive Community unlike anything you've experienced before.

Inside you will meet amazing creative entrepreneurs from around the world. They are all on their own missions to impact lives, using their products and services.

And they’ve jumped into my Inner Circle to connect, to share, a most importantly…

Because they want a guaranteed path to success.


They want to get access to me and my team, every week, so they can get the advice and feedback they need to move their business forward…

And be certain that what they’re doing is what they should be doing to succeed.

Here's why this is important for you...
When you take me up on my offer to get the Conversion Makeover Method, you're getting every secret weapon. 

Every strategy, every visual technique, and every hack that allowed me to successfully sell this service. 

It's true. And what's also true, is that no matter how much information I give you... 

There's always going to be bumps along the way. 

Or maybe more like landmines you don't see coming that could derail your road to success.
Going it alone is a recipe for disaster. Trust me, I've done it... 
...and because of that, I've lost years and thousands of dollars in the process. 

So I would feel a bit unethical simply by giving you my course for free without giving you the continued support you actually need, to make sure your new service launch is a huge success!

So whether it’s:
  •  Critiques on your service offering..
  •  A review of your designs or funnels…
  •  A question about your content or tech…
  •  Feedback on how to fulfill your offering...
  •  Advice on how to scale your sales to 6-figures +…
  •  Or even something as simple as making sure you’re in the right niche…
We’ll be there to walk you through it.

So that no matter what landmines blow up…

We'll help you move around them into safety.

Bottom Line: You get access to me and my team from Monday to Friday to ask ANY question you want so you don’t have to go it alone…

And so we can ensure you get the continued support you need to succeed now and in the future.

Just ask, and let me and my team help.

So Let Me Ask You...
What could you achieve having access to a mentor who’s client proposals are now in the $20k+ range?

What insights will you get when you have a mentor who’s attracted tons of high-end clients?
Probably some pretty valuable ones, right?
Well guess what…

The Inspired Inner Circle is not just about getting my 20+ years of professional designer advice.

Here's a few more reasons why this program is unlike any you've experienced...

The moment you join everything changes. 

First, you’re going to be shipped the “Inner Circle Welcome Package”
And when you unwrap this huge, beautiful box, inside you will discover even more of my closely guarded secrets including....

Gift #1: Value Ladder Workshop (Valued at $497)

Gift #2: The 7 Figure Brand Training (Valued at $697)

Gift #3: Creating Irresistible Offers Training (Valued at $497)

Second, You'll be welcomed in our community with open arms 
This is where you’ll be able to interact with me, my team, the community of amazing creative entrepreneurs…

And where you’ll be able to ask questions about anything you’re stuck with on a daily basis.

So if you're stuck with a part of the conversion makeover method, or simply have a question about your business you'll have the answers you need fast.
Like I said, this is not like any coaching program you've experienced before.

And there's still so much I need to tell you about! 
Every month I'm going to send you a physical Conversion Kit straight to your door.

Inside these kits I send you a monthly Key Strategy to implement inside your business, combining both the Design side and the Marketing side to get incredible results.

For example, in the May pack I revealed the process that netted us $13k in one week!

So I simply took that, and broke down the marketing strategy and the design strategy, so that the Inner Circle members can copy/paste and tweak for their own businesses.

And I really mean copy/paste, because along with these Conversion Kits…
I also send you the digital templates, scripts, landing pages and entire funnels to your portal each month.
So you can get up and running with my monthly conversion kit strategy - FAST.

No guesswork or starting from scratch. Just tweak it for your business and go live fast.

Now just imagine this... you complete just ONE of these kits per month and see profits immediately…

And you then continue to complete the one strategy in your conversion kit, for one whole year…

After 12 months you’ve completed and implemented 12 strategies into your business that you can use over and over again!

This is exactly why I’ve created this program the way it is. 

Slow and steady not only wins the race, but it gets things DONE. No more collecting courses that sit on a shelf. 

Only simple strategies, done one at a time, to get you even further than you ever thought possible before.

It’s to take you by the hand, give you only what you need when you need it, and help you grow your own profitable design business.

And the fifth thing you’ll get…

Two Live Group Training Calls a Month
To answer any questions you might have about this month’s Conversion Kit, or to do an Audible (critique) on anything you’re working on.

Members love these calls because it gives them another level of access to me to ensure their on the right track and can get specific answers to their unique issues.

And if you miss a call? No problem! 

We record them all so that you can review them at a time that’s convenient for you.

And sixth, this may be the biggest perk of all…

You’re also getting FREE tickets to my Inspired IRL (In Real Life) events! (Valued at $1200 per event)
Nothing beats getting together in person to really get things done. 
The reason I have these events (besides the fact it allows me to meet you face-to-face)...

Is because it allows you to get A LOT done in a short amount of time.

By taking time away to focus on you and your business for a few days…

You are able to get more stuff done in that time at my events, than what most do in 2-3 months at home!

You learn, you ask questions, you implement, and we check in on you.

And it allows you to take a humongous leap forward in your business in just a couple of days.

Outside the Inspired Inner Circle these events are $1200 to attend (and yes I’ve had tons of people invest that amount).

But as an Inspired Inner Circle member, I’m over-delivering and giving you free tickets to come along as part of your investment in the program.

With that being said…
Here's a quick recap of everything you're getting when you join me inside the inspired Inner Circle:
  • The Conversion Makeover Method Course ($1997) FREE
  •  The Value Ladder Workshop (Valued at $497) FREE
  •  The 7 Figure Brand Training (Valued at $697) FREE
  •  Creating Irresistible Offers Training (Valued at $497) FREE
  •  The Inspired Inner Circle Membership Portal FREE
  • Plus everything inside the Inspired Inner Circle…
  •  Inspired Welcome Package sent to your door the moment you join
  •  Monday - Friday Q&A Access to me and my team to ensure you’re never stuck and always moving forward
  •  Monthly Conversion Kits delivered directly to your door every month
  •  Live Coaching Calls & Audible Calls twice per month
  •  Complimentary tickets to the upcoming Inspired IRL Retreats (Twice per year and run $1200 per event)
Pretty awesome, right?

Especially considering if you were to buy it all separately, you would be spending over $8,000 (which would still be a great deal by the way). 

But I'm not going to make you pay anywhere near that today. 

In fact your investment is only is going to be just a fraction of what it's worth.
Here's the deal... I decided to create a super special way for you to get all the above at an incredibly low investment.

So low, you might think I've gone a little crazy, that’s okay. 

If you're one of the next 25 to jump in, you're not going to pay $4,000... you're not going to pay $1,000... and you're not even going to pay $500.

You can get the Conversion Makeover Method™ and all the free bonuses, when you join me in the inspired Inner Circle at just…
A huge savings! And yes you can cancel at any time! 

But again...

this offer could come down at any moment, as there are only 25 spots total, and I'm promoting it to over 50,000 in my database! 
So if you're interested in jumping in, there's no time to wait…

Click the button below, fill out your details and you can get going immediately in the program.
Well that's it. As I mentioned if you wake up tomorrow morning... 

The 25 spots could be taken up and the offer might not be here anymore…

So if you’re ready to get started…

Click the button below, claim your spot before someone else takes it, and you’ll be able to get going immediately.
I cannot wait to see you inside, and in person at the IRL event!